The original company was founded in 1993, and specialised in plastic and tooling, and were highly  experienced in product structures, designs, and appearance.

In 2007, lead by Ben Guo the new chairman and a Specialist in design and development of  controllers, H-one diversified into controllers specialising in induction heating appliances, PTC, MCH heating tech, and finished products such as Induction cooker, Ceramic cooker, Hair straighteners, Induction water heater and Sous Vide. 

Nowadays, the company is located in Funing high-tech Industrial park off Fuyong Street,Baoan District, Shenzhen.We focus on intelligent heating appliances such as Ceramic and Induction hobs, Induction shower units and customized PCBA,such as Sous Vide cooking systems, Soup maker and so on. We also work closely with our business partners developing products customized to their exact specifications.

H-one is national high-tech and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise,most products in H-one are  CE ,GS, ETL, CL and CB certified, and these are widely sold all over the world. H-one hold patents in heat control/induction heat and motion control and these are used to ensure our products are of the highest quality and performance.

H-one is an open,ambitious and highly experienced company working closely with its customer and suppliers to offer the highest quality products,with excellent performance and the latest features,at competitive prices. This we achieve through excellent research and development lead by the highly experienced owner Ben Guo,and a focussed team of dedicated professionals ensuring quality, performance and on time delivery.

  • Company objective

    Company objective

    To provide our customers high quality market leading products AT ALL TIMES.

  • Slogan


    We understand heat and control it precisely to our customers needs.

  • Philosophy


    Professional,expert,focussed, open and honest.