Induction Cooker Glass-ceramic panel and microcrystalline board What are the differences?

Source: h-one Time: 2017-02-27 Views: 2528

Probably divided into three kinds: 1. Black glass, with less, the general export. 2. Ceramic panels, relatively low-grade, generally used in cheap products. 3. Microcrystalline panel (black crystal), different from the glass, and glass more like, for high-end products; but now on the market there is a low-grade microcrystalline panel, the quality of the times. Good microcrystalline board, is not much pattern pattern, and rarely a small hole, from the back to see a little red, translucent.

Currently on the market of the induction cooker panel "black", "white" points. Black black crystal panel is a new bright spot in recent years, its biggest feature is excellent quality, high temperature, high thermal efficiency and elegant fashion, quite popular with consumers. But some manufacturers fish beads to launch the "false black crystal" induction cooker, harm the consumer. Consumers buy how long a pair of eye, identify the "true black crystal" panel. Really blackboard itself is black, the panel is relatively high gloss, delicate feel smooth texture, the panel on the small diameter of the pores, the particles are very fine. True black crystal panel can withstand about 800 ℃ high temperature, impact resistance, the use of a period of time is not easy to change color, easy to deformation, easy to clean. If it is "false black crystal", its appearance is painted with black paint on the area, it is ordinary or even poor whiteboard. "False black crystal" is the traditional process of processing, production is simple, panel matte, dull, rough texture, stomatal diameter, coarse particles. And the surface coating of the panel is easy to fall off, and easy to form spots, cracks. "False black crystal" heating temperature is generally around 600 ℃, impact resistance is not strong.