5 Tips for Before Buying a 5 Zone Induction Hob

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Induction hob can be said to offer the best of both including gas and electric, combining the responsive heating of gas hobs with the easy cleaning of electric hobs. These, in recent years, have become highly preferable pertaining to domestic and professional kitchen and are also increasingly becoming favourite with chefs and home cooks.

Now, I’ll discuss some characteristics of induction hob, inclusive of 5 zone induction hobs that you need to know before buying these:

Induction Hob Heats Up Quickly

Induction hobs are great for simmering stews slowly and they have responsive touchscreen control and are a breeze to clean. They take a few minutes to boil a pan of water, as fast as some kettles and compared with the best gas models as well.

You Need Induction Compatible Pans

For induction hob, you don’t necessarily need special induction pans, but you will need pots that are made of iron or contain iron. When you power on an induction hob the metal coil under the induction hob’s glass surface creates a magnetic field and it interacts with the iron in a pan’s base. After that, an electric current is generated that transfers energy into the pan and creates heat. 

Induction Can Mean Bigger Cooking Zones

Induction hob can create extended cooking areas variously called bridge zones. Induction hob lets you cook using larger pots that would extend beyond a standard heating zone.

Induction Cooker Power Efficiency

The induction hobs offer more efficient operation compared to heat element based cooktop. And it means that there is no open flame or hot cooking element and also there is no heat dissipation outside the cooking pan or the cooktop surface. They directly produce heat on the cookware that makes it more efficient than an electric cooktop, and this is why there are becoming more preferable amongst homemakers and professionals chefs.

These are some important things that you need to know before buying an induction hob, whether you are going for a 5 zone induction hob, or else. Go through the details fully, with respect to your exact requirements and then buy the induction hob.