Standard curtain motor

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Standard curtain motor

Real behind-the-scenes worker, you may not easily think of it, but there must have it where curtains exist. Unique track resistance adaption scheme makes every curtain walk with grace. Changing the pose of drawing the curtain, therefore change a kind of the way that awakes you. Intelligent curtain motor, opens your smart home from detail.


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Small body, big inner stuff
Quiet Hercules

With the size of holding in hand and silent large torque dc deceleration motor, it can stop automatically if blocked, protect motor and ensure a long product lifetime; Switch freely from Double opening and single opening, suitable for all types of house.
Intimate butler
Sunshine is yours, yours is still yours.
Setting the time, the sunshine will come when the weather is nice ; When night falls, your privacy will be well protected. Set the time to let the sun shine into the room and wake up your body without affecting others. Long-range control, Intimate butler.

Installation is not difficult as you imagine.

One press, one release, perfect
The product comes with two lithium batteries, with a capacity of 800mAh, which can be used continuously for several months. As long as you use the square rail (big square rail, medium square rail, small square rail) in your home, you can easily install it by yourself without burying the wire.

Mobile phone/remote control dual command

Fashion for the young and convenience for the old
Adopting our specially equipped WIFI module transfer to the wireless module, make it possess not only mobile phone long-range operation, but also short-range control. It has a tacit understanding with you even face different objects.

Product dimension:69*113*56mm (width*height*thickness)
Weight: about 167g (including battery)
Battery: 3.7V 800mAh  Two pieces of No.5 high performance lithium rechargeable battery (tip)
Communication specification: Wireless remote control
Communication rangeAbout 10 m(without obstacles)
Accessories: Instruction manual and warranty
3.7V 800mAh14500
2 pieces of 3.7v 800mAh14500 high-performance rechargeable lithium batteries (tip) (used for the test)  remote-control unit