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Sous Vide

Low temperature continuous slow cooking, precise temperature control within 0.1 degrees. It is the best choice for the healthy life of modern people to ensure that the cells of food are not destroyed and the nutrients of food are not lost. At the same time have waterproof, low water alarm, Safer, and more reliable.

Customized Perfectly Tender Sous Vide Recipe manufacturers From China
H-one Customized Perfectly Tender Sous Vide Recipe manufacturers From China,13 engineers for structure, electronics, quality, production and test,offer appropriate project in apperance,structure,and software according to your require.
WIFI Control PTC Heating Element Sous Vide Precise Cooker Powerful Immersion Circulator Sous Vide
1) Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Model E127.Find a health way to cooking2) Long 131mm,Width 131mm, Height 378mm,easy to carry3) IPX7 waterproof body, Safe as you want4) With flexible clamp,easy to put in and take out5) PTC heating element, to realize the uniform distribution of temperature field6) Choose the WIFI version, control by your smart phone, share your recipe with others