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Cooperating with a ODM supplier,you can:

Original materials options: housing,plate and other elements' materials;

Develop your own brand:using your design drawing,carton,user manual and other personal ideas

update the function as your business plan;

Manufacture according to your market requirement and trend.



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When you looking for a qualified supplier for ODM. What is the key factor you care? Factory scales, quality controls, or RD ability?

As our view, If yourself is a big brand and owned strong RD ability then you just find a supplier who have huge scale for production and good quality control ability, otherwise you do better find the highest RD ability team to become your qualified supplier, because in the beginning you will be in advance location with competitors in that market. 

Why say so? Most quality problems were feedback from market. The root reason little was caused by production or supply chain, over 90% was caused by design. Special some complex products which mixed mechanical and electronic technology, if haven’t full verified design and enough testing, the product enter market will have huge risk and possible take fatal damage to a new brand.

But most time, as a new brand or a new trade company or who engaged in a new field, pay more attention to cheaper price, not RD ability and quality, just saw the factory are huge scale. But a lot of factories only have OEM order production ability for big brand, but less designing, RD ability. If you haven’t mature design and cooperate with this kind factory will have huge potential risk, even caused your brand collapse very easy.

H-one has product design engineers, electronic design engineers, product testing engineers,professional sales team,fast respond for customized ideas. We can help to develop and protect each brand.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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