H-one custom cooktop manufacturer is the best induction cooker manufacturer in China and Top 3 in the world.
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H-one  is finished passing through several basic processes. They are CAD design, fabric selection, dying & cutting, sewing, and decorating.


1.How about delivery time?
For first trail order will be 45 days after payment and design confirmed, for repeat order will be 30-35 days.
2.Can I print my logo and my design on the appliances?
Of course, we offer OEM and ODM service, we have a very professional R&D team, apperance designers, construction designers and we have been focusing on this area for many years.
3.What are your advantages to make us competitive in our target market?
We listen carefully to your requirements and then create a tailored offer, giving best quality of products first, working closely with you to generate the ideal product for your customers.


1.we want to all our customers not only feel convenience,but also experience the real cooking happiness that the technology brings.
2.13 engineers for structure, electronics, quality, production and test,offer appropriate project in apperance,structure,and software according to your require.
3.Professional sales team,offer most suitable product design according to your requirements
4.A full line from purchase, IQC, testing, production, QA, shipping,you can get goods and service directly from factory, never need third party.

About H-one

H-one is one of the national and Shenzhen high-tech enterprises,founded in 1993, located in Shenzhen,China,we are one of the Chinese OEM/ODM supplier and offer such as induction and ceramic hobs,PCBA customization,Sous Vide cooking system and so on. In the very beginning,we built the R&D team and focused on heating technology researching for home appliances.then H-one set it's dream: induction heating innovation.we study,we collect,we listen and dedicated to half-bridge technology developing.thanks to this insistence,we got many patents and products passed certificates,and we can send all our H-ONE inside products to all over the world. We go out and listen people concerns,work closely with our business partners,try to better understand most counties' needs and find new solutions for your kitchen.we want to all our customers not only feel convenience,but also experience the real cooking happiness that the technology brings. Welcome to all of you to H-one and share your ideas,we can make your designs come true.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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