Introto Different Control System Induction Cookers Compare From H-one

As you already know ,Induction uses electromagnetic energy,basically magnets, to heat special pots and pans that are on the surface of the electromagnetic. This is in direct comparison to traditional heating cooktops that involve heating the surface, which in turn heats the kitchenware.

But do you There is three main induction heating systems in the Market and which kind of your indcution cooker use?



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The one caveat with induction cookers is that they only work with special kitchenware that is magnetic. An induction cooker will not generate heat on standard kitchenware!

In fact, this magnetic heat feature makes induction cookers much safer than the traditional heating model because the surface doesn’t generate any heat. Heat still forms, but it dissipates very quickly.

Till to now even induction hobs became very popular in market, more and more people known its advantages for easy cleaning, energy saving, convenient to use, but seldom people know it’s a high tech product, in the world only some company really owned the core tech.

Also for induction cook system it has different technical routings, normally have single ending drive system for mini power, half bridge drive system for medium to huge power, full bridge drive system for super huge power. In most situation portable induction cooker is applied single ending drive system, for single ending drive system, during it works, IGBT had to withstand high voltage shocks from inverter circuit, so IGBT for single ending drive system is high voltage. For half bridge drive system have 2 IGBT work for inverter circuit, they need isolating drive and prevent short current risk, also pot detecting is different, in view of tech, half bridge should be double complex to single ending system. But IGBT no need high voltage. For single phase power supply, half bridge drive system IGBT only need 600 Volts, but single ending drive system at least need 1200 Volts, it will increase voltage with output power increase. So if half bridge systems have a good layout and great software it will be work very stable.

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