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Chinese Original Design Manufacturer Shenzhen H-one Built-in Two Burner Horizontal Ceramic Hob 8325-201
1) Built-in Induction Cooktop with Long 730mm and Width 430mm2) Electric infrared heating module,safe and precise control system3) Electric control infrared heater,good ventilation solution gives you better experience4) Max working power can reach to 4.4KW,the max cooking zone is 230mm5) Senor touch contorl with multi-functions6) Ceramic Glass especially for cooktops
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H-one Best Shenzhen H-one Electric Cooktop Manufacturer and Supplier Factory Price - H-one,13 engineers for structure, electronics, quality, production and test,offer appropriate project in apperance,structure,and software according to your require.Ceramic hob looks like Induction cooktop when it doesn't work,but the inside is different a lot, for radiant heater it was heat from electrical hotplate which generate heat from electrical resistance,so a good ceramic hob must have superior heat isolation. We keep updating the ceramic hob design from structure and control system,with different market requirements,we can offer different customized solutions.
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